Wednesday, Dec. 13th

Science: Test tomorrow!

Cal. Hist: ALL weekly studies and make-up tests for 10-13 due tomorrow!

Math: Do math multiplication facts for at least 10 minutes!

Literature: Signed reading report (TH)

Please bring a bag to school tomorrow to take home all your Christmas stuff in. We will be taking our stuff home tomorrow!

Tomorrow is dress like your favorite Christmas song day!



Tuesday, Dec. 12th

Bible: If you have not finished your Luke 2 worksheet, you need to do that and turn it in tomorrow!

Science: Test is Thursday! We reviewed today.

Cal. Hist: weekly studies 10-13 (TH), test make-ups for 10-13 (TH)

Math: wkst (W), That quiz for at least 10 minutes!

English: Hot cocoa wkst (W)

Literature: Book Report (W), READ!!! Once we get back, we only have 2 1/2 weeks left until the end of the quarter!

Be sure to turn in your signed math fact sheet and signed Cal. Documentary sheet tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Winter Wonderland dress.  Wear your scarves, mittens, blue and white!

On Thursday, we will be taking home our Christmas decorations, please bring a bag to carry your decorations home in!


Monday, Dec. 11th

Bible: No memory this week! Luke 2 worksheet will be due at end of class period tomorrow (test grade)

Science: Vocab worksheet (T), Test (TH)

Cal. Hist: Weeks 10-13 weekly studies (TH), Weeks 10-13 test make-ups (TH), ALL notes for mission paper due tomorrow. Most should have finished in class.

Math: That quiz for at least 10 minutes. Testing on math facts again on Thursday.

Literature: Book Report (W), Be sure you are continuing to read…end of the quarter is sneaking up and you need 5 books for an A!

No cursive, spelling or memory this week – Merry Christmas!

Thursday, Dec. 7th

Bible: Memory – Luke 2:10-11 (F)

Math: p. 156-157 # 11-39 all (F), Do That Quiz for 10 minutes

Science: Read p. 75-75, worksheet (F), Test next Thursday

Cal. Hist: Weeks 10-13 study weeklys (TH), weeks 10-13 make ups (TH)

Vocab: p. 70-75 (F), tests (F)

Literature: Reading log (F), Book Report (W)

Great job last night everyone!!



Wednesday, Dec. 6th

Bible: Memory – Luke 2:10-11 (F)

No math today!

Science: Idea for reuse, recycle, rethink written on a piece of paper. (TH) Map and recycling chart is due by the end of school tomorrow – extra credit if done by the end of first recess.

Cal. Hist.: Weeks 10-13 due Dec. 14th, make-ups also due Dec. 14th

Vocab: p. 70-75 (F), tests (F)

Literature: Reading log (F), Book report due Dec. 13th

Please meet in the church at 6:40 tonight if you are in the choir. Actors in the gym by 6:15.

Tuesday, Dec. 5th

Bible: Memory – Luke 2:10-11 (F)

Math: Do “That Quiz” for 10 minutes

Science: idea for “reuse, recycle, rethink, reduce” written on paper (TH)

Cal. Hist: weekly studies 10-13 (Dec. 14th), Make – ups for tests 10-13 (Dec. 14th), Be ready to choose a mission for tomorrow. Make a list of your top 3!

Vocab: p. 70-75 (F), tests (F)

Cursive: Due Wednesday!

Literature: Reading log (F), Book Report (Due Dec. 13th)

Tomorrow is our Christmas Advent Program!! We are so excited to share with you. Please have your student in the church by 6:40. Also, when you drop off your child, we have a special gift for you. Be sure to grab it before you go find your seats!

Monday, Dec. 4th

Thanks to all the parents who drove and helped chaperone today! The students and I appreciate it!

Bible: Memory – Luke 2:10-11 (F)

Vocab: Book p. 70-75 (F), vocab/spelling tests (F)

Cursive: due Friday

English: Find us Forever Home packets with picture of your dog, description, and 3 families is due tomorrow!

Literature: Reading log (F)