Tuesday, Oct. 17th

Bible: Joseph worksheet (TH)

Math: P. 97 5-14 all (W)

Cal. Hist: Work on tribe notes….due at end of class on Thursday. We will begin writing essay tomorrow.

Science: Ch. 2 test tomorrow! You will be able to use any notes that you have taken and your review worksheet. If you didn’t take any notes today, you may want to write some down!

Lang. Arts: cursive (W), Vocab book p. 38-43 (TH), spelling and vocab tests (TH), reading log (TH)


No school on Friday!

Gold Nugget swap meet on Thursday – students need to have 5 items to “sell”. We discussed this in class today!


Monday, Oct. 16th

No memory this week!

Math: p. 94 1-7 all (T)

Science: vocabulary words (T), Ch. 2 review packet (T), Test on Wednesday!!

Lang. Arts: cursive (W), vocab. book p. 38-43 (TH), Vocab/spelling test (TH), reading log – be sure you have it signed and turned in on Thursday! Last day of quarter!

Thursday is the last day of the quarter! Be sure you are checking Renweb for any late assignments or assignments that need to be made up.

Thursday is our gold nugget swap meet. Students will be discussing this tomorrow!

No school this Friday and no study hall on Thursday.

Thursday, Oct. 12th

Bible: Memory Psalm 67:1-2 (F)

Math: We did a practice test today. Please complete that tonight if you didn’t in class today and use that to study! Double check your answers! Test tomorrow! Some still need to bring their spirals and finish assignment that was given on Monday.

Cal. History: We chose our tribes today for our reports and upcoming displays! Students will be doing research for the next week. All research needs to be done no later than next Thursday.

Lang. Arts: Vocab. book p. 38-43 (TH), Reading log (F), Many still need to finish up things that were assigned on Monday! (Spelling page and 25 sentences, cursive, movie paragraph)

One week left in the quarter!!!!! Please check Renweb and see if you have any missing assignments or if you need to make something up!


Hi everyone! So, I guess I won’t be seeing you tomorrow:(   I have updated below assignments, etc. Hopefully, you all have time in the next couple of days to work on it. This is a great time to get your READING done! Remember, the 5 books for your A will need to be done by next Thursday, Oct. 19th.

Bible: Memory – Psalm 67:1-2 (F)

Math: p. 83 27-39 all and p. 89 all (TH), we will review again on Thursday and test will be on Friday.

Lang. Arts: cursive (TH), 1 page spelling packet and 25 sentences where you use each spelling word in a sentence correctly (TH), SPELLING TEST WILL NOW REMAIN ON THURSDAY!

Cal. Hist.: On the blogroll, please begin to look at and explore the Native Californian Tribe Facts. You will be choosing a tribe on Thursday and then we will be writing a report on our tribes in the coming week.

Tuesday, Oct. 10th

Hello everyone!  Hopefully, things have calmed down for you all. Continuing to keep you all in my prayers!

I wanted to let you know that I am moving math test to Thursday and moving the spelling test to Friday.

If you can have your math assignment done for tomorrow (assuming we are back to school), that will help us all stay on track. p. 83 27-39 all – most of you finished this part in class and p. 89 all

Hopefully, we see you all tomorrow!


Monday, Oct. 9th

Hello friends,

My prayers go out to all of you! I’m keeping you all in my prayers and I’m thinking of you all. Praying you are all safe!!!

Please do not worry about homework tonight. We will make it up later….:)

Love you all!